To request an official transcript, please .

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of the Albertus Magnus College community including students, faculty, administrative staff and alumni. 

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片The office maintains the academic records of all undergraduate and graduate students.

It offers a wide range of services in the areas of academic transcripts, student status, registration, course enrollment, publications and final exam schedules. 

Other services include graduation certification, transfer credit evaluations and approvals, and the coordination of Veteran’s Education Benefits. 

College Equivalency Tables

Diploma Order Form (Past Graduates Only)

This form is to be used for reordering a copy of your diploma only (not for current graduates). In order for your diploma to be reordered, you must complete the form below and pay a $25.00 reordering fee (per diploma). Payment can be made by credit card by contacting Julie Kraus in the Business Office at (203) 773-8532 or by mailing a check made payable to Albertus Magnus College电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片 to:

Nicole Marquis-Registrar's Office
Albertus Magnus College
700 Prospect Street
电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片 New Haven, CT 06511

Albertus orders diplomas from an outside source; therefore, orders take approximately three weeks to come in. Only your degree name (ex: Bachelor of Arts) will be printed on the diploma, majors ARE NOT printed. All balances must be paid in full (including the $150 Degree Completion Fee) in order for a graduate to receive a diploma. Diplomas will be mailed directly to you so please make sure to provide your complete and most current address.



Transcript Requests

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are free and may be requested through the following Google Form: .

If you have any questions or concerns, please email registrar@mydvapor.com电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片.

Official Transcript Requests

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce a new online Transcript Ordering Process to provide alumni and current students with efficient, accurate and speedy service for ordering and receiving transcripts. In partnership with Parchment, Albertus Magnus College joins 8000+ educational institutions that provide online transcript ordering services.

  • $7.00 fee for each eTranscript PDF transcript, which gets sent to another institution within the same day.
  • $10.00 fee for each Official Transcript, includes 3 to 5-day processing and sent through regular mail (or hold for pickup).
  • $17.00 fee for each Official Transcript for same-day pickup.
  • $42.00 fee for each Official Transcript, includes same-day processing and sent through FedEx Overnight.
    • FedEx Express overnight delivery available (must be requested by 2:30pm)
    • FedEx Summer express overnight delivery available (must be requested by 11:00am)


Directory Information Opt-Out

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片“Directory information” is not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy and can be disclosed to third-party organizations without your consent unless you request otherwise. Directory Information is defined as:

  • name, address, telephone number, email address
  • major field of study
  • dates of attendance
  • class level and enrollment status (undergraduate/graduate, full/part-time)
  • degree(s) conferred and dates of conferral

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片If you do not want the College to release your directory information without your prior consent, you may choose to “opt-out” of this FERPA exception by filling out the form below. Directory information of a student who has opted-out from the release of directory information, in accordance with this policy/procedure for opting out, will remain flagged until the student requests that the flag be removed by completing and submitting the revocation section of this form to the Office of the Registrar.

For more information about, you may review our policies regarding Education Records and privacy at