Parent Newsletter

From the Desk of the Vice President for Student Services

Andrew Foster

Dear Falcon Parents and Families,


电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片As parents and family members, you are a valued part of the Albertus Falcon community. To that end, we believe that it is important that you are kept apprised of our students and community initiatives. Therefore, we hope that you will enjoy reading our Parent and Family Newsletter. It is intended to provide more clear and concise communication of shared stories, exciting opportunities and experiences taking place on campus, important dates and deadlines. The newsletter is published quarterly.

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片We hope that you will share it and encourage other families to subscribe to receive it in their inboxes too!

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片There are many exciting things to come, so make sure to read the newsletter for all the information on upcoming events!

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片I look forward to connecting with you soon!

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片Yours truly,


Andrew Foster
Vice President for Student Services

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电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片We sincerely hope that our new Parent and Family newsletter will benefit you to stay connected and informed with your Albertus Magnus College.