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With Online & Flex Programs, students can build courses around their schedules and their learning preferences

Since 1985, Albertus Magnus College has been designing innovative, accelerated courses to help working adults, like you, earn their degrees quickly and efficiently. Our new Online & Flex Programs approach allows students to have even more choices when it comes to earning their degree.

Do you want to enroll in a fully online program? Great. We've got you covered. Do you want to make choices between taking online and on-ground courses? We've got you covered too.

Want to take all your courses fully online?

Some students prefer taking fully online classes because they like the comfort of studying and learning from home. Other students prefer online because it allows them to take classes despite their busy work and family schedules. If you want to join a fully online, accelerated program, then Online & Flex Programs is for you!

Want to choose between taking classes online and on-ground?

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片Some students are nervous about joining a fully online program. They may want to take their first few courses on campus to learn the online platform before making a decision to move fully online. Other students enjoy taking online classes but want to have personal, face-to-face instruction when it comes to difficult courses like math, statistics, or writing. If you want to choose between taking some of your classes online and some of them in the classroom, then Online & Flex Programs is for you!

Want to join an accelerated degree program that meets on-campus?

Some students prefer having face-to-face interaction with their professors and classmates. In essence, they want the "true" classroom experience when it comes to earning their degree. At Albertus, our accelerated courses meet in the evening in a blended" format (one in-class session per week and one online session per week). Here, adult students can still experience a traditional classroom setting while being able to manage work, home, and life responsibilities. If you want a traditional classroom experience that fits into your schedule, then Online & Flex Programs is for you.

Whether you choose to pursue your degree by taking classes that meet online, classes that meet in-person, or a combination of the two, then Online & Flex Programs has your covered. Our program stands out because all classes regardless of their delivery, offer the same valuable features:

  • Accelerated, eight-week classes that allow you to earn 30 credits in one year just by taking two classes per term
  • Personalized faculty assistance with a faculty-student ratio of 1:14
  • Customized guidance (both online and on-ground) from our program directors, department chairs, and academic advisors
  • Access to Career Services for individual appointments, workshops, career fairs, and recruitment events
  • Access to Internships and experiential learning
  • Opportunity to earn credits for life experience
  • Financial aid eligibility for part-time and full-time students

List of Available Online & Flex Programs

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Upcoming Adult Open Houses

Upcoming Adult Open Houses

Jan 28

East Hartford Open House

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Mar 9

New Haven Open House

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Join a fully online program, or choose between online and on-campus on a course-by-course basis.

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Albertus Magnus College is committed to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation both in and outside the classroom for all students. No qualified student will be excluded from participation in any academic program or be subject to any form of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, transgender status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or any other consideration protected by federal, state or local law. Albertus Magnus College promotes the full realization of educational opportunities throughout the College. The College forbids all forms of illegal discrimination, harassment or retaliation.