Financial Aid for Accelerated Graduate Programs

Complete the FAFSA

Start the process by completing the ( may answer any questions that arise while you complete the form.

Be sure to use the College's school code: 001374

If you have any questions or concerns about your financial aid, please contact us at:
(203) 773-8508

Deadlines for Priority in Awarding Funds

  • Four weeks prior to Mod start

Applications received after these dates will be processed based on availability of funds.

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片Financial aid offers are based on demonstrated need, which is calculated as Cost of Attendance (COA) minus Expected Family Contribution (EFC):

COA - EFC电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片 = Demonstrated Need

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片The William D. Ford Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program is awarded to students who have not met their annual loan limit, who have unmet need, and who have not met their Cost of Attendance (COA).

The William D. Ford Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Program (GPLUS) is an unsubsidized loan for graduate students.

Federal Work-Study Program

Students may also qualify to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program, which employs students on-campus. A 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average must be maintained to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program. Wages meet federal minimum-wage standards.

电影天堂网-光棍天堂-男人的天堂-免费A级毛片-三级片-A片In order to be eligible for funding under the Title IV programs, an educational certificate program must prepare students for "gainful employment in a recognized occupation." Federal requirements mandate that institutions disclose gainful employment information and other statistics in relation to certificate programs.

Non-degree programs, including all certificate programs, are considered Gainful Employment Programs subject to the new regulations. Certificate programs include undergraduate certificate programs, post baccalaureate certificate programs, graduate certificate programs, and post-graduate certificate programs.

Programs Exempt from Gainful Employment

The following educational programs offered are not subject to the new Gainful Employment Program regulations:

  • Programs that lead to a degree, including associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and professional degrees
  • Programs that are at least two years in length that are fully transferable to a bachelor’s degree program
  • Preparatory courses of study that provide course work necessary for enrollment in an eligible program

View additional information related to the Gainful Employment Disclosure.